Different types of oils for facial hair

Beard oils

Oils for facial hair

Growing a beard can be a hassle especially during the summer season. Summer does not mean you should give up on your oils, it means taking extra care of your beard and making sure your beard is getting all the essential nutrients. 

Using natural oils can help you boost your facial growth, natural oils penetrate deeper into the skin making it healthy from the roots. Oils do not only make the roots healthy but they also condition the hair follicles and provide them with extra care and support. A lot of men suffer from dry and dull beard hair. This could be because their beard is lacking the essential nutrients that it must get. 

So, to avoid dry and dull beard growth make sure you oil your beard regularly and provide it with all the care that it requires. We will be talking about some of the best oils out in the market that you can use to replenish and revitalize your beard hair. 


Everything requires time and effort and so does our beard. To take care of your beard you need to provide it with nourishment and hydration this can be possible by regular oil massage. Here are some of the best oils that you can use on your beard. 

Coconut oil 

One of the best oils you can use to get a fuller beard is coconut oil. The natural properties of coconut oil help in promoting a soft, healthy beard. It also keeps the skin underneath your beard moisturized and hydrated at all times which makes it a good oil and can also be used during the summer season. It is important to keep the root hydrated and healthy at all times as it is the foundation of healthy and soft beard hair.

Olive oil 

Olive oil is one of the best oils to repair and replenish your hair. Olive oil is naturally packed with the goodness of antioxidant properties, it has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. It also helps in moisturizing the skin and leaving a supple feeling. However, olive oil is a thick oil which means it can sit on your skin, so make sure that you use a couple of drops of olive oil along with any essential oil of your choice, apply to your beard before taking a bath. 

Sunflower oil 

Sunflower oil is one of the lesser-known oils, it helps in preventing hair damage and hair loss and is amazing for people who are suffering from beard hair fall. Sunflower oil is rich in omega, fatty acids & vitamins E, C, B, A. the ingredients of sunflower oil keep the skin moisturized and soft.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a lot like what our body produces, it has a waxy substance like sebum. Jojoba oil can be used to cleanse the hair follicles, It is enriched with anti-bacterial and antifungal properties and is perfect for preventing common problems that you may face while growing a beard. It is not only great for your facial hair but can also work well for your scalp hair.

Argan oil 

Argan oil is also one of the best oils to grow a healthy and fuller beard. Argan oil is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E which is extremely beneficial for your hair. Vitamin E also contains antioxidants that help in boosting cell growth and produce healthy hair. If you have frizzy or dry beard hair the argan oil is the one for you. It helps in controlling frizzy hair and making them supple.


Beard oils not only help the hair to get stronger and healthier but also make the roots more nourished. Here are the reasons you need to oil your beard to get fuller growth.

  • Beard oils hydrate the facial hair and the skin, nourishing and hydrating the face.
  • Beard oils prevent dryness, itching, dandruff, coarseness, and breakage of beard hair.
  • Beard oils help in retaining beard hair volume and texture
  • Beard oils help in promoting healthy beard growth
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