Hair Serums: Benefits And How To Use Them

Hair serum

Benefits of using a hair serum 

Just like our skin, our hair also requires special care and love, and to give that to our hair we have a new product that is being loved by everyone nowadays. Hair serums not only work to keep the hair looking shiny and frizz-free but also have great benefits to them.

If you love experimenting on your hair on a regular basis either by heat styling or coloring then you must invest in a nourishing hair serum to balance out the damage done to your hair. 

Hair serums are formulated with some of the best active ingredients to penetrate deeper into your hair, not in your scalp but into your hair strands. They are used not only to control frizz but are also useful in setting up different hair styles and protecting the hair from environmental factors that may cause damage to them. 

Hair serums are different from oils as oils penetrate deeper into the scalp to give you nourished roots, hair serums work on a surface level to add shine and hydration to your hair.

Benefits of using hair serums 

After talking about hair serums let us now dig deeper into the benefits of using hair serum on a regular basis. 

  • Helps in smoothening the hair
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Helps in controlling frizz
  • Detangles hair
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Protects hair from environmental aggressors 

How to apply hair serum

A lot of people are aware of hair serums but they are not aware of when and how to apply them, let us tell you all when and how you can apply hair serum.

When to apply hair serum

One of the main motives of applying hair serum is to provide enough protection to the hair against pollution. Hence, serum should be applied on fresh, washed, and damp hair. 

You should always start with the ends of your hair and work your way upwards to the middle section of your hair. It is not advised to apply the serum on the scalp directly as it can make your hair greasy. In fact, it is absolutely okay to not apply the serum on your root just your hair strands will do the work. 

The right type of serum according to your hair 

If you are new to investing in hair serums then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about your hair type and then decide what type of hair serum will suit you. Hair serums are made with different ingredients for different hair types and it is essential to know what will suit you. 

  • Dry And Frizzy Hair: This type of hair people should look for serums that come with ingredients like rosewood, castor, and marula, these will help in providing you intense hydration.
  • Split Ends: This type of hair people are prone to breakage and you must look for a protein-based serum for their hair, likely one which contains keratin.
  • Damaged Hair Due To Heat: People with this type of hair should opt for a serum that has lavender and jojoba oils. These will take care of your hair and will protect from heat and pollution.
  • Dry Hair: people with this type of hair should look out for cream-based serums which can be applied for overnight rejuvenation.
  • Thick Hair: people with this type of hair should look for serums infused with argan oils and Morrocan oil.
  • Curly Hair: People with this hair type should look for serums that are infused with ingredients like jojoba, sweet almond oil, argan, and marula, these ingredients will take care of your gorgeous curls.
  • Colored and chemically treated hair: people with this type of hair should look for serums with a combination of coconut oil and green tea extracts.

Hair serums have become an essential part of our lives over time and for the right reasons, shampoos are good for basic cleansing and conditioners can only provide limited hydration so hair serums play a major role in amping up the. If you are someone who has to use heat styling on their hair regularly then serums are a must for you, they will not only add a layer of protection to your hair.

Take Away  

Hair serums are no magic potions, they will not suddenly enhance your hair quality, they work more on the exterior than within. So make sure you not only add a hydrating hair serum to your hair care but also add regular oil massages. We hope the above information is helpful to you and you will add hair serums to your life. 

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