Everything you should know about beard colour and dyes

Beard colour and dyes

Beard color and dyes

Men are becoming more experimentalize these days and with the growing trends, they have begun to experiment with their beard color. Yes, it is a normal thing and if you are someone who likes to experiment then you must give this trend a try. 

Some people want to dye their greys and then some people love to experiment with other colorful dyes. The first step to coloring your beard will be to identify which type of person you are. Do you just want to cover your greys or are you in for some experimentation? 

We will answer some of the most asked questions about beard coloring today and we hope it will help all of you guys out there who are interested in giving this method a go. 


For all our readers who are planning to dye or color, their beards here are some of the most asked questions that can help you in the process. 

Choosing the right color 

The first task before you go ahead and buy a dye is choosing the right color for your beard. Well, this may seem harder, most men do not know the original color of their beard and this can be a hard choice to make. 

Look closely at your beard and understand if it is black, brown, or Ombre this will help you decide what color will match you best. One of the most common mistakes that first-time dyers make is that they go for the darkest shade which makes the beard look odd. Another way to choose your beard dye color is that you match it to your hair. 

Items you need before dyeing

We all require some essential things before dyeing and here is a list of some items that you must have:

  • Avoid taking a shower before dyeing, this will ensure color penetration
  • Buy Latex gloves to protect your hands
  • Use old hand towels to prevent staining
  • Coloring shampoo to treat your beard post dyeing will also help in managing the beard in the longer run.
  • Keep your paper towels close
  • Wear an old t-shirt so even if you get a stain you won't regret it
  • An applicator brush to make the process easier

Switching products

After dyeing or coloring your beard you need to take care of it, you can do this by switching to non-chemical products. Chemical products may fade the dye within a few weeks while non-chemical products will help in maintaining it for a longer period.

Use a shampoo made with natural products, here is the perfect shampoo for you that will help you in maintaining your beard dye. 

Beard Growth shampoo

Beard requires a natural product free from chemicals. Our beard growth shampoo is made from natural ingredients and helps in strengthening and nourishing the hair follicles. This shampoo is free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulphates, and SLS.

Beard growth shampoo is made of:

  • Aloe Vera Extract- Repairs dead skin cells on your beard
  • Watercress Extract- Improves the health of your beard and in turn lessens breakage or damage.
  • Argan Oil- Moisturises skin and beard hair
  • Liposomal Caffeine- Coffee can help stimulate beard growth
  • Ceramides- Prevents dryness and damages 

This beard growth shampoo will help in reducing beard hair fall and will provide deep cleaning to the beard skin.

Look out for ammonia 

Anyone with sensitive skin should stay away from dyes that contain ammonia. This can cause rashes, itching, and irritation and is not for people with sensitive skin. 

Ammonia makes your hair follicles open up which makes the dye penetrate deeper into your skin which does not sound ideal to use. However, at the end of the day, it is your choice if you want to go ahead with it or not. 

Longevity of the dye

There are various types of dyes in the market and you decide to choose which one you want to go for. Some permanent dyes can keep you sorted for a few months while a semi-permanent one will cover you up for a few weeks. 

The temporary ones can be washed out within 12 hours, well, if you want to experiment with dyes and see how they look then you should start with the temporary one and move on with whichever color suits you best. 

Post dye care 

Dyeing and coloring your beard can make them dry over some time and so your beard needs extra care and support. You can easily do this by obtaining a better diet, drinking lots of water, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Here is the best product that can help you manage your beard and keep it strong and healthy even after dyeing. 

Biotin tablets for beard growth 

Biotin is essential for beard and scalp growth. These Biotin tablets are enriched with multivitamins and they help in beard growth. They reduce beard fall and make your beard stronger & healthier than before.

Biotin tablets contain: 

  • Biotin. 5000 mcg.
  • Vitamin E. 20 mg.
  • Vitamin A. 10 I.U.
  • Vitamin C. 180 mcg.
  • Zinc. 1.25 mg.

Biotin is an essential component to grow your beard as it is essential for protein synthesis, our hair is 80% made out of protein so our body requires a healthy amount of Biotin to produce beard hair. 

Take Away 

We hope we have managed to address all your queries and doubts regarding beard dyes. Coloring your beard or not should be a personal choice. There is no pressure, grey hair is extremely natural and a part of growing up do not feel ashamed of your grey hair. Embrace whatever you choose for yourself and be confident in your choices. 


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