Exercises to grow facial hair

Grow facial hair

Exercises to grow facial hair

Growing a beard is a hassle most men will agree, but while you are growing a beard you also learn discipline, you get more active, and take up things that will benefit your beard. Making mindful choices is the first step towards getting a fuller beard. 

Men also take an active part in skincare when they are growing their beard as skincare can play a major role in helping you to grow a neat and clean beard.

Diet also plays a huge role in growing a perfect beard, our body requires ample amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals to produce healthy hair. 


Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one which most people ignore on a daily basis. If you want to grow a healthy beard then you need to start by making changes in your lifestyle. Only then will you be able to achieve your beard goal. 

Most men do not think about their health as a major reason for concern and this is the first thing you must change if you want to grow a healthy beard. Exercising on a regular basis will make you sweat which will help in cleaning your pores from within pushing out the dirt and sebum. 

Clogged pores can be one of the major reasons why you are not able to achieve your beard growth. Unclogging pores is essential. Always use a cleanser to clean your face after exercising to remove dirt and sweat. 

Exercising also helps in improving the blood circulation in your body, the better the blood circulation in your body will be the better your beard growth will be. Good blood circulation means that your face will receive all the vital nutrients through the blood flow making your growth better. 

Weight lifting and strength training help in boosting testosterone in the body, when the testosterone level in the body goes higher it helps the body to produce healthier hair. 

In today’s time when we have a number of exercise options suitable for everyone’s choice, you need not worry about anything. You can try out various forms of fitness to discover what fits you well and what you are comfortable in performing. 

Here are some options that you can choose from:

  • You can opt for a Power walk or jog around your neighbourhood
  • You can opt for Swim laps at a local pool
  • You can Try kayaking or rowing
  • You can go hiking 
  • You can always join a gym 
  • If you already have a gym membership then try out different courses each month
  • You can opt for a martial arts class 
  • You can always go for a relaxing Yoga class
  • You can also opt for a Pilates class 
  • You can also opt for a Spinning class in your gym this can be extremely productive

We know with the changing work environment it has become harder to take out time for ourselves and exercise. Well, we do have way more options in today's time than we ever had so it's good to utilize the opportunity, but if you have a hectic schedule and can not take out time to exercise and workout then we have other options that will help you in getting the beard that you want.


Apart from overall exercises, we have some amazing activities that can also help in promoting beard growth. Let us find out what these are. 

Facial Massages 

Just like exercise helps in improving blood circulation and increases the amount of testosterone in our body, facial massages also help in relaxing the facial muscles. After a relaxing facial massage, you can go for steam which will open up the pores and will make the hair follicles healthier. 

You can massage your face with a beard growth serum which will help in accelerating the process. 

Facial exercises 

Facial exercises are making a huge impact on the youth. We all want a better jawline, fewer chubby cheeks, and facial exercises are the way to go about them. There is no research done on how facial exercise can help in beard growth but it will help in blood circulation and activating the dead cells. 

You can give facial exercises a shot along with micro needling, these two combined can be a huge hit for you if you want to grow a healthy and thick beard. 

Here is the perfect derma roller for you, do check out the product. 

Beard comb

Beard comb is a great investment. It will not only help in keeping your beard in place and neat all the time but it can also help in accelerating beard growth. 

Microneedling/ derma rolling

Our Derma rollers come with the highest quality 540 needles, it is a 0.5 mm roller which means it is gentle to use but will give you effective results. 

Many people are unaware of the benefits of Derma rolling for people who are trying to grow a beard. All you need is to perform Derma rolling according to the method we have mentioned earlier at least twice a week. We would suggest that the beginner watch as many tutorials as they need to understand the art of Derma rolling as one wrong move can damage your skin. 

This is one of the best products for people who are facing patchy beards or are not able to grow the beard they desire, regular use of a derma roller will boost natural collagen and will help you in the process. 

Benefits of Derma rolling for beard:

  • Promotes Beard Growth
  • Nourishes The Beard From The Roots
  • Improves Beard Strength
  • Painless process
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Produces collagen
  • Regrowth of dark and thick hair

For better results, you can also invest in our Beard Growth Serum which will help in advancing the process even more.

Take Away 

Exercising is an essential part even if you don't want to grow a beard. We hope we have been able to convince you to get off your bed and move your body. Exercise with the right diet is the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a good beard. 

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