Foods that cause hair fall in men

Foods that cause hair fall in men

Hair fall 

Hair Fall is a very common problem in men and women, we all suffer from hair fall from time to time, sometimes it is extreme, however, sometimes it can be mild and can be treated within a few weeks or months. 

Our diet plays a huge role in our overall wellness. We are what we eat. If you eat healthy food items then your hair and your skin will flourish, but if you are inclined more towards unhealthy junk food items then you may notice a pattern of hair fall and weak hair follicles. 

Everyone desires lustrous, strong hair, however, we often ignore the warning signs that our body is giving us. Hair fall can also be a sign of your unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. It is time that you consider that and make changes accordingly. 

Food Items That Cause Hair fall in Men 

After talking about the importance of diet for healthy hair now let us get into the food items that can lead to hair fall in men when consumed in huge quantities. 


One of the top solid hair tips that we've all heard is that milk proteins function admirably with regards to saving hair wellbeing. A lot of experts concede to this point, and we aren't attempting to refute them. All dairy products like milk, cheeses, yogurt can cause harm to your hair if you have them in huge quantities. 

Notwithstanding, it should be noticed that dairy contains a specific measure of fat. What fat fundamentally does is, expands the testosterone levels in your body. High glycemic food sources increment testosterone emission. This is one of the numerous hair fall reasons that has disturbed many individuals throughout the planet. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are inclined to dandruff, skin inflammation, or psoriasis, dairy items will in general fuel this issue. 


Regardless of the amount we talk about the significance of lessening sugar consumption, it doesn't appear to go down. Thus, here we are, discussing how sugar causes hair fall. 

Sugar makes you have a helpless blood course. When your dissemination is influenced, it becomes hard for your blood to arrive at your hair follicles. Another issue that emerges is that the supplements that circle in your blood, which implies that the supplements don't arrive at the hair follicles appropriately. 

Certain individuals, because of an overabundance of sugar admission, likewise experience what is known as 'scalp irritation'. Instead of the consuming sensation, scalp aggravation prompts you to have a freezing scalp caused because of a helpless blood course. 

Refined carbs 

Most likely the best-tasting food ever, this refined starch, shockingly, are one of the many reasons for hair fall. Food including bread, cakes, pasta, pizzas, and other refined carbs block your safeguards against pressure. In this way, in case you are now confronting pressure-actuated hair fall, these food varieties aren't helping you. 

Besides, these transform into sugar once you burn through them. Furthermore, all things considered, we've effectively examined how sugar deals with your hair. 

Oily food 

We as a whole love oil, isn't that right? The surface added to our food fundamentally warrants the 'yummy' tag. Yet, here's the issue. Oily food is, all things considered, oily. 

As you presumably know, the scalp delivers a sleek substance called the 'sebum'. This sebum gives dampness to the skin on your scalp just as to your hair. Notwithstanding, when you load your body with oil, this sebum likewise will in general get oily. This makes your hair look a bit excessively oily and limp. In any case, more than this is occurring. 

With the oil covering your hair follicle, it becomes hard for your hair to develop, which ends up being one of the numerous hair fall reasons. To keep away from sleek hair, enjoy a normal purifying system of scalp and hair; the Pantene enthusiastic clean cleanser profoundly scrubs scalp just like hair. 

Carbonated beverages and liquor 

What carbonated beverages fundamentally do is that they connect with the insulin in your blood and make it less receptive to sugar. This prompts an expansion in the sugar in your circulatory system, which later proceeds to hamper your blood dissemination and lower the supplement supply to your hair follicles, causing balding. It is a result of this property of carbonated beverages that it is viewed as harming hair. 

Presumably the central element of each party ever, liquor isn't very hair cordial. On an exceptionally essential level, liquor gets dried out of your hair. When your hair doesn't have as much dampness as it requires, it becomes weak, prompting harmed hair. Utilize a hair-sustaining cleanser that will re-establish hair dampness and forestalls further hair harm. 

One more issue with liquor is that it reduces the zinc levels in your body. As we have set up before, zinc is a lovely significant mineral with regard to hair development and hair volume.

Take Away 

Dairy, sugar, oily food, carbonated drinks, and alcohol are not only bad for our skin and body but also have a huge side effects on our hair. Our body is like machinery, each part adds and subtracts to its wellness and if we want to maintain a healthy working environment then we need to take care of our intakes. We hope that you will cut down on the consumption of all the above-mentioned agents. 

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