Home Remedies For Dry Skin

home remedies for dry skin

Home remedies for dry skin on face

Dry skin can look like any other skin problem, but it is actually one of the most serious because it can lead to potential health problems. Could you imagine how your well-being will be affected if your skin displays signs of dryness?

Dry skin (xerosis) is a common skin condition in which the epidermis does not have enough moisture to keep the underlying dermis from getting dry. The epidermis is the uppermost layer of skin. 

Don’t get tensed, we got you covered, dry skin has a cure, and it can be easily treated. There are certain medications and serums that can effectively work on your skin. And there are a few homemade remedies to treat this condition too. 

What causes dry skin on face?

There are many reasons for dry skin on your face, a few of them are listed below

  1. Age
  2. Genetics
  3. Wet work
  4. Dry and cold weather
  5. Smoking
  6. Diabetes

Home remedies for dry skin

These steps are all-natural remedies for treating dry skin.

1. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a natural cleanser and moisturizer. Using olive alone is sufficient enough to moisturize the skin even in harsh climatic conditions. Rub olive oil into your skin in circular motions till it gets absorbed by your skin. Drape a warm damp cloth over your face and keep it till it gets cold. Wipe off any excess oil using the damp cloth.

2. Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub:

This is an exfoliating and moisturizing scrub. It will help you to remove all the dead skin cells present on your skin and at the same time moisturize your skin.  Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with ½ a cup of sugar and gently scrub it into your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and gently wash it off. Use a good moisturizer or oils like coconut or olive oil to lock the moisture in.

3. Coconut Oil:

Saturated oil has emollient properties which soften skin and improves skin smoothness. Use coconut oil daily before sleep including the sensitive properties of the body like eyes, mouth, private parts, etc. The benefit of coconut oil is it can be used alone and improves skin texture drastically. Coconut oil also has antimicrobial functions which can help to fight any fungal and bacterial infections present on your skin.

4. Avocado Mask:

The avocado works wonders when it comes to moisturizing skin. Puree half an avocado, along with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply it to your face and skin. Leave it on your face for 15-20 mins and then wash it off. Your skin will n feel moisturized and nourished.

5. Petroleum Jelly:

As per a study conducted, petroleum gel is even helpful in the skin barrier function in old people. Using petroleum jelly once or twice a day according to climatic conditions is enough. It helps in locking moisture and thus helps to protect skin from drying up.

6. Oatmeal Baths:

Oatmeal extracts were found to be anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which can protect the skin, according to a study conducted. It can soothe skin from irritation and itching. Make oatmeal into a fine powder using food processors and mix it with warm water. Apply it on your skin while bathing, and keep it for 10-15mins before gently washing it off. 

7. Aloe Vera:

Often used as a sunburn remedy, aloe vera soothes skin and decreases redness. It is known for its anti-aging properties, treating acne, and repairing dry skin. Although very few people are allergic to aloe vera, it is always best to do a patch test if you are using it for the first time. Apply aloe vera gel on your skin and leave it.

8. Papaya Toner:

Papaya is a good moisturizer and toner. It makes the skin glow and keeps the skin healthy. It also helps in treating sunburn and inflammation. It helps in slowing the aging process. To use papaya for skin, remove seeds and scrape the pulp off one slice of papaya. Blend it with a cup of water using a blender or food processor. 

How to treat dry skin on face?

Here are a few ways to treat dry skin  on your face:

1. Include antioxidant and omega-3 fatty acid-rich food

Antioxidants protect the cell from cellular damage. For antioxidants, berries such as tomatoes, blueberries, and green tea, lentils are great sources. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, fish, etc are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Moisturize Regularly: 

Using a good moisturizer or any of the above-mentioned oils as a part of your skincare regime will help in improving your skin texture and prevent dry skin.

3. Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water every day helps you to keep your body hydrated and maintain healthy cells. It helps in moisturizing skin.

4. Avoid hot showers:

Avoid hot showers as they get rid of all-natural oils present on your skin. It worsens dry skin and can also burn your skin. If you need a hot shower after a workout, use warm water and also add a few drops of essential oil to the warm water. Also, make sure to moisturize immediately after the shower.

5. Use mild products: 

Skin Ingredients in your products like alcohol can worsen dry skin. Long-term use of these products can harm your skin and yield side effects.

How to cure dry skin on face overnight?

There’s nothing like you can treat dry skin overnight. Treating the dryness on your skin or on your depends totally on the situation and condition of your skin. If you got dry skin due to winter or dehydration then using a moisturizer and drinking plenty of water can treat it overnight. But if it is due to some other reason like personal hygiene, genetics, or your skin type then it is not possible to treat the dry skin overnight. 

Take Away

Dry skin in most cases is temporary and can be treated easily. There’s no need of using harsh chemicals and damaging the skin's health. However, it is always recommended to consult your dermatologist before opting out for a solution as they might have an idea of your skin type. And it is also recommended to do a patch test before using any product.


What is the deficiency of dry face skin?

Usually dry skin is the result of your skin type at the time of your birth, apart from that Vitamin and mineral deficiency can also cause dry skin on your face.

Does drinking water helps dry skin?

The answer is both yes and no, if your dry skin is a result of dehydration, then drinking water can help you solve it, but if it's due to some other factors then drinking excess water isn’t the answer.

How long does dry skin take to heal?

Dry skin heals in two days and also takes up to one to two weeks, based on the skin moisturizer, hydration, weather, and self-care.


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