How can foreplay be effective?

Foreplay Tips

Benefits of foreplay

In an era when there is so much focus on sexual activity and satisfaction, it is important to ensure that you get the right kind of increase in your sexual appetite.  

In reality, what many people refer to as sex is really just masturbation. It is a physical gratification that provides only temporary relief to the problem of penile and seminal discharge. However, it does not make up for a happy partner or a fulfilled relationship.

Foreplay, also called a prelude, is an activity that leads up to the act of sexual intercourse. Foreplay includes petting, kissing, massage, and other forms of sensual stimulation.

The benefits of foreplay are increased pleasure for both partners. Foreplay decreases anxiety and increases bonding between partners. Foreplay can also increase sexual satisfaction. The process of foreplay leads to the arousal of both the partners making them feel confident and ready for sex. The increased duration of arousal helps to achieve stronger orgasms.

It is an open secret that most men are not satisfied with their sex life. And don’t be surprised to know that majority of men think about sex more than they actually do it. The least we can do to enhance our sexual health is to take care of our bodies and stay fit. 

Genital foreplay is the first step of your sexual health. It opens a gateway to explore your sexuality and it also increases the pleasure levels during intercourse. While sex is all about the climax, it is also about the journey.

The penis plays a major role in sexual activity. But it is not just a muscle that helps you urinate. Men, like women, love attention, and the penis is no exception.

The penis usually responds well with gentle, firm, strokes. A few minutes of this kind of attention before intercourse will help to get things started when the moment arrives.

But foreplay is more than just a few strokes or kisses on the penis. Foreplay is about having fun together while inspiring each other with sexual tension. It should be a relaxing and enjoyable time of exploration, sensuality and indulgence. It should be playful, light-hearted and fun.

5 Effective Foreplay Tips

We live in a world where you can have sex with your partner at any time of the day. There are very few limits to sexual exploits. But there are very few men who actually have an active sex life and are truly satisfied post-orgasm.

Getting satisfaction from your sexual experience is a bit of a lengthy process, where the first step is effective foreplay. Some foreplay tips are mentioned below that are worth trying if you are looking forward to getting a heavenly experience.

1) Play Games or Watch Porn Together

There are many sex games for couples available that can offer tips and rules on what to do to each other. This might add some extra spark to your bond before you actually indulge in sexual intercourse. 

Watching porn with your partner may also excite your body and increase blood flow to the genitals. But we recommend watching porn for a short time because the long-term effects of watching porn can build unrealistic expectations that might hamper your relationship and sex life.

2) Sexting and Exploring Fantasies

Talk to each other about your deepest desires, either in person or through sexting. Try different ways to touch and caress each other, such as dancing or showering together.

3) Use Sex Toys and Lubricants

Sex toys can be fun to use during foreplay along with oils and flavoured lubricants. Vibrators, dildos, etc can offer additional stimulation before the climax. Experimenting with different lubricants can be a fun activity for some people because they can pay attention to how their body responds to each one.

Give each other body massages as you pour chocolate or whipped creams on your partner’s erogenous zones and lick it off. Try touching your partner’s stomach and thighs by running your fingers.

4) Masturbate

Masturbating may help both partners to make it easier to become and stay aroused. It can increase libido and make foreplay more pleasurable and enjoyable. You get to know what helps you orgasm and you can communicate the same to your partner. This will empower you and your partner to become better lovers as you accelerate your sex life.

5) Consult a Therapist or Specialist if Necessary

Numerous medical conditions affect the sexual health of both men and women. Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, etc can severely affect a person’s mental health. This damages their arousal and ultimately their relationship sinks. 

Age-related problems, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc may also play a role in affecting one’s sexual self-esteem. A specialist may help to treat these conditions or switch certain medications that are posing a threat.

Take Away

Foreplay is the act of stimulating your partner in a non-sexual way for the sole purpose of increasing their sexual desire. Foreplay is much more than just undressing and kissing, it is also about emotional intimacy. 

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