How To Manage Sex And Breathlessness

Sex And Breathlessness


Sex is an endless course to life and living beings. One has to be born from it and one has to live with it during one's lifetime. Otherwise, there is no meaning to life. Such establishment in the mindset is the only possible way to life nourishment with no grit and guilt. Life may or may not happen as we expect but sex is one own thing that is prescribed in one own heart that one can attempt with expected expectancy. One of the joys of life is the pleasure of sex. The pressure evolved through the pleasure born out of sex is an animal thing molded-in human feelings. Such courses in life are sometimes breath giving and some other time breathtaking.

One has to enjoy sex but under the long existential life crisis, one struggles with sex, both mentally and physically, from thoughts to breathing. This differential development only reaches the person to death in the life course. To avoid or delay such a dead point in life, one has to enjoy sex to maximum potential irrespective of guilt and age. There is a way to and fro for the mindset to manage sex and breathing at a time.

Sex is a solid exercise and health normalizer to the human body. Only due to aging of a body and its other health disorders cause disturbance in the body during sex. This disturbance blames sex as the reason but the truth is that sex needs to be free from all other pains and practiced with good comfort.

Breathing during sex is one of the major ailments that work super-rich or act poorly according to the body system condition. Most people relieve stress and other regular thoughts of living a life with sexual activity. The blood pressure and blood circulation difference occur once after a successful attempt of sexual intercourse free man his head from being hot to cool temperature. The depth and time rate of breathing changes before, during, and after sexual activity. This is a good chance to mind timecourse but few face extreme breathing struggles during sex and they got to manage it with proper care and maintenance.

Manage sex and breathlessness

A body is systematic to carry ahead and genital to either side of the heart. The heart is gently settled between the breath-providing element and the breathtaking element. 

The heart acts as an equalizer and catalyst between the brain and genital. During sex, the concentration of mind and heart is put onto genital whereas the normal times put a mind in mind. This concentration changes the blood circulation in the heart. Half of the overall blood content in the heart is supposed to be circulated in the half at every beat of it. However, sex is a strong opposing force that most of the blood going to the head changes its direction and moved to the genital. This way of change brings a difference in heart function. 

In general, sexual intercourse between a male and a female genital increases the heart's demand for oxygen. The heart's urge for oxygen is what is called a conditioned response named breathlessness.

The breathlessness can be occurred to either difference in blood circulation or could be other malfunctions in the chest area containing nostrils, windpipe, lungs, chest muscles, and heart. The pain or discomfort caused in the chest during sex or due to sexual intercourse is an immediate need to check what is causing and how deep it is intending. There could be various factors from physical and psychological strains that can show up as pain in the chest during sex. Some various diseases or disorders can struggle the body during sex. 

To manage breathlessness during sex, one must need to look after if any existing various diseases causing breathing struggle during sex like diabetes, hypertension, blocked nerves, trauma, stress, erectile dysfunction, lung cancer, injured ribs, injured spine, pneumonia, etc that can also cause pain in the chest during sex.

Either the pain or discomfort in the chest or the breathlessness connected to the heart and brain, one has to few follow medications or exercises to get rid of it during sex.

Kamasutra Positions

Practicing Kamasutra positions during sex is one of the ways to feel comfortable and breathe easy even after hardcore sexual intercourse. There are almost 64 positions in the Kamasutra in which almost all 50 positions are available to manage breathlessness alone. 


Push-ups are the horizontal movement of the body up and down with the weight displaced on the limbs, more precisely, palm and feet. This exercise fits the looseness composed in the muscular movement of the whole body. This relief would free the lung from muscle tightening and contractions which indeed free the respiratory system from breathing. The blood pulls by genital during sex impacts the heart to desire oxygen. The push-ups would make sex a health course for breathing.

Take Away 

Via-agra is the most popular sexual activity medication that on its action, the body relieves spine, chest, and genital from various demotivation and induces more oxygen in the body during sex. Yoga is a priceless and costless motivation to the body to indulge in whatever course it wants with no disturbances like breathlessness.

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