How to take care of beard in summer?

Beard care in summer

Beard care in summer

There is no denying that the lush and lustrous beard with its scintillating shine has become the ultimate fashion statement in these times. However, grooming it perfectly with the right cut, trimming, styling and maintaining beard hygiene during summer is no mean task.

The first thing that you will have to consider is the kind of beard you have. If it is a long and bushy beard, you will have to trim it regularly to maintain and groom it properly. If your skin is dry, you can apply a good-quality moisturizer while taking a shower or use a good-quality beard oil after washing your face.

Sweat, grime, debris and dirt are flushed down through the pores into the roots which causes inflammation, hence resulting in dry flaky skin. This is why it is essential to thoroughly clean the skin on your face and neck while taking a shower.

4 Effective Beard Care Tips for Summer

Grooming your beard is a difficult job but not an impossible one. You need to follow some tricks which will make you look attractive. 

  • Drink Sufficient Water

  • Beards are like our crowning glory. They make us look handsome and manly. But when the summer season is in full swing and the heat is playing havoc with your body, you might be able to see some beards fall out because of dehydration. 

    This is because your body is not able to retain much of the water due to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Given such conditions, it is very important to maintain a good supply of water inside your body. Water is crucial for our survival and as it turns out, it's also important for our beards too.

    We all know that we require water for our skin and hair to remain supple, bring out the shine and encourage growth. The hair follicles are mostly affected by the lack of proper water supply to the body. Also, the minerals present in water balances out the salt content in our body and reduces the chances of bloating.

  • Apply Moisturizer

  • Use a light oil-free moisturizer/lotion. Always remember that natural oils are your friend. So choose a moisturizer that is oil-based, and has ingredients for skin hydration. Using a moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and will also save the skin from drying.

  • Grooming And Trimming Beard

  • Trim your beard often using a good-quality razor. Trimming helps in regrowth and can make your beard look thicker. It also prevents split ends, ultimately giving you a tangled-free beard. Also, comb your beard regularly to get rid of stubborn hair.

    Regular grooming can make your beard grow at a faster pace. Also, ensure that your beard stays dirt-free during summer because pollutants can cause skin infections which can be both painful and embarrassing. 

  • Avoid Using Soap or Shampoo with Sulfates

  • Sulfates, the cleansing agents that are found in shampoo are harsh for your hair and skin. Sulfates strip the natural oils from the skin. This could be causing flakes to form on your scalp and face. Always use SLS-free shampoos to protect your beard and the skin beneath it.

    How to Deal With Beard Sweat During Summer?

    The heatwave is upon us, and along with the sweat and dust, it can cause a lot of sweating due to which we get rashes and pimples on our face. Our body needs hydration the most in summers. 

    Drinking lots of water does a lot more than we think it does. The water in our body should be balanced in order to promote hair growth.

    When we start to sweat more than usual, then it is a clear sign that we need to gear up to try out some effective beard hygienic techniques.

    • Take a shower and wash your beard.
    • Try to keep your beard hydrated at all times.
    • Use a mild shampoo to cleanse any clogged pores that may arise due to sweating. 
    • Sweating usually leads to itching which then clogs the pores of our skin and scratching it might result in beard patches
    • Always pat dry your beard after washing because a dry beard will irritate the skin. 

    How to Deal With Beard Smell During Summer?

    A smelly beard can be a big setback for your personality. While it can also occur if you work in a closed environment with strong smells, the main culprit is none other than sweat!

    During summer, we tend to sweat more and it makes our beard stinky. The more we touch our beard with unclean hands, the more our beard is likely to produce a bad smell. 

    So, we have to maintain proper beard hygiene to keep infections and odours at bay! 

    Avoid touching your beard frequently and use a good quality beard wash or beard oil to enhance the look and fragrance of your beard.

    Take Away 

    Summer is all about picnics, parties, BBQs and some more fun activities. During summer people love to spend time outside in pubs or the garden. One important thing that you must do during summer is to drink lots of water. Water keeps our body hydrated and also helps maintain a healthy beard. So even on hot days, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water as it will also keep your beard hydrated.

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