How to take care of coarse hair?

Coarse Hair

Coarse Hair

Coarse hair is hair that naturally has a thicker diameter than finer hair. Everyone knows that coarse hair is a bit rough, stiff and hard to manage. Although coarse hair occurs naturally, it doesn't mean that the hair strands are abnormal; they're just different from other types of hair. But if you don’t follow a proper hair care routine, coarse hair can make your hair look messy and unkempt.

The following article will introduce the hair care tips for coarse hair and the anatomy of this kind of hair so that you can understand your own coarse hair better.

All hair types have their own features. As we know, our body is made of many organs. We also know that each organ has its own structure and function. Thus, it’s very normal if our hair displays different characteristics depending on its type.

Coarse hair grows faster than other types of hair but is also more vulnerable to breakage and damage.

Coarse hair tends to have fewer hair per square inch than fine hair. The strands of coarse hair are usually thicker than fine strands. Coarse stands out more because it tends to range from dark brown to black. Some people with coarse hair also have a slightly yellowish or purplish tint in their hair.

How to Take Care of Coarse Hair?

Your coarse hair needs some extra care. While there are many easy hair care tips for fine hair that you can try, here are a few that will help you style and take care of your coarse hair as well.

  • Use the Right Kind of Shampoo

  • Sebum, the product of the sebaceous glands, keeps hair shafts lubricated and conditioned. When there is an excess production of sebum, it can weigh hair down and cause it to look flat and oily. Coarse hair is prone to these effects. In order to properly care for coarse hair, it’s important to select ingredients that will help condition the hair shaft so that it can be kept in great shape. You may have wavy or curly hair, but the texture is still important. Your coarse hair needs a protein-rich shampoo and conditioner. When you choose a shampoo and conditioner, make sure it has biotin in it. Biotin helps in growing new strands of hair stronger with every wash. Simultaneously, you can also take biotin tablets to boost your hair health.

    The shampoo must be medicated and have aloe vera for your coarse hair because the extra ingredients will condition it and prevent breakage while also nourishing your coarse hair.

  • Wash Properly

  • Take the time you need to make sure you have a thorough wash, as this will ensure your head is completely clean of both grease and stuck-on hair. Pat dry your hair and avoid harsh rubbing because the friction between your hair and the towel can damage your hair. 

  • Use Shampoo Caps

  • Remember that on top of being coarse, your hair may also be very thick; use a shampoo cap to avoid making a mess of the rest of your body while you wash.

  • Choose the Right Brush

  • Always use the best quality brushes and combs for your hair type, as those with coarse hair may easily lose their shape if not treated with care. Using your fingers to style or shape your hair is a no-no. Always use a comb or brush, to minimize breakage and split ends.

  • Essential Vitamins

  • Make sure to add water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin B (1, 2, 6 or 12), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E to your diet. But if you are facing difficulty in getting enough nutrients from food, you may opt for multivitamins to make up for any deficiencies in your diet. However, we recommend consulting your doctor before taking any supplements.

  • Regular Trimming

  • Just like your body needs exercise, your hair also needs proper grooming to remain healthy and beautiful. For coarse hair, the most important thing is that you do not cut it regularly. Keep a regular trimming schedule so that you can give your hair a regular shape and avoid sudden shifts in hair length.

  • Hair Masks

  • Coarse hair requires deep conditioning and it is not always healthy to use a lot of conditioner on your hair. So, the alternative way is to use a hair mask that can nourish, moisturize and soften your hair. Some natural and easily available ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, honey and avocado. These ingredients when used as a hair mask can help in preventing hair problems like dandruff and can also moisturize your hair while reducing dryness and frizz. You can try these hair masks once a week to witness surprising results.

    Take Away

    Coarse hair is exactly a type of hair that refers to the texture and construction of its outer layer cells, which makes it more rigid than the other types of hair.

    Coarse hair has a medium diameter and is not as fine as thin hair. If your hair is coarse, it will be somewhat hard to run your hand through the strands of hair. Follow these aforesaid tips to take proper care of your coarse hair or else you might face hair problems someday shortly. 

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