Sexual Dissatisfaction: A Major Cause Of Divorce

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Sexual Dissatisfaction

The lack of satisfaction in life due to sexual failure either inactivity or by simply forgetting the intercourse for a long time is what is called sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual Dissatisfaction could be developed in both partners at a time, or simply, a person is more dissatisfied than the other. 

The collateral damage during sex or due to sex is projected to sexual dissatisfaction. A person who is dissatisfied in sex life does simply show his frustration in real life resulting in overall dissatisfaction. 

In human nature and behavior, What one honestly values more than anything else is quality; doing one’s best in the manner of the responsibility and craftsmanship of a Number One. Once married or committed to a living relationship, sex becomes major responsibility between two personalities and one has to satisfy another with utmost love, respect, and passion. A sexually engaged partner would look out for the quality time being shared with one another. The time impotence due to any other engagements in life like career, business, or interest in other people would simultaneously be impacted on partnered sexual life.

Various causes leading to sexual dissatisfaction


Depression is the main ailment in today's world that demotivates most persons in any area of action right from career to personal life. Depression is an absolute obstacle that acts against either sexual intercourse or lasts longer in bed. Sex needs a lot of energy from either body involving in the intercourse. The lack of energy in either one of the bodies leads to unsatisfied or tiresome sexual intercourse. 

The lack of energy to sustain day-to-day life in the current period of life module is an extremely depressing possibility. The depressed body would not cooperate with various body functions from respiration to digestion. The metabolism becomes worse. The unhealthy person cannot engage in sex heartfully. The incapability in engaging in sexual activity or longer duration sexual intercourse dissatisfied the person participating.

A highly demotivated or depressed person or partnership could generally lead them to the incapability of bearing someone else in their life. The distance elevated right from the sexual dissatisfaction and the lonely thoughts in one's own mind due to depression all put together to make a decision of divorce in an unwell marital affair.

Disorders and Deficiencies

A man is a sensitive compost of blood, muscles, and bones. A man has to maintain his body to be a comfortable being. Otherwise, there could be chances of dysfunctions arising in the body functionality or existence leading to disorders and deficiencies.

For a person who is deficient in a certain hormone or mineral or vitamin, a certain malfunction would arise leading to reduced immune system and incapabilities. A person who is engaged in a certain disorder would face an ultimate up-down in the body health mechanism.

There are certain disorders and deficiencies subduedly subjected to sexual behavior alone or there are certain disorders and deficiencies in the other body essentials and functionalities that later on impact sexual health.

If a person is affected with serious diseases like cancer or sexually transmitted infections, it would keep the personality from engaging in sexual intercourse. Forget the sympathy partner would showcase, the person may feel bored, panic, and unsatisfied with the loneliness created upon the lack of tenderness between the two personalities. 

The dissatisfaction that breaks out from these types of partners could generally lead to divorce if one of the people is practical or heartless.

Human nature

Human nature is so independent and selfish. Out of this freedom and selfishness, every aspect of human psychology, drama, and tragedies are revealed. Every man has his own desires, passions, urges, equalities, inequalities. According to his intentions, he would engage with someone else called his partner and thoroughly make out his life.

A capable disheartenment is common in any living relationship in which one would look after one's own essentials and activities other than mutual happenings. One cannot simply engage with a partner all the time and lead the life to an achievement. The existential crisis of life could lead to different thought processes in two persons engaged in the same relationship. These thought differences develop different emotions and energies in one's own body.

For suppose, during the climax of the orgasm, the man feels like doing his job and moves away from the woman he slept with till then. The woman sometimes gets disturbed with the loss of tenderness from her man right after the sexual intercourse resulting in a wasted orgasm. A woman needs to feel needed. A man most times simply wants. This difference between want and need would bring friction in a living relationship or a marital affair. The dissatisfied personalities would generally wait for the change to come. For a prolonged duration, one would think of no other option other than divorce. 

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