Side effects of facial waxing

Side effects of facial waxing

Facial waxing

Facial waxing has become widely popular and has been picked up by a lot of millennials, facial waxing is not subjected to gender hence both men and women have grown fond of this new treatment. 

Both body waxing and facial waxing have a lot of similarities, just like both have a few advantages they also come with their disadvantages. A lot of people are not comfortable with their facial hair, in earlier times people used to go ahead with threading their faces but with new advancements, people have become more comfortable with facial waxing. 

A lot of people do not know that facial waxing comes in both hot and cold wax. The procedure starts by applying wax to your face, which pulls out the unwanted hair from the roots. The biggest advantage of facial wax is the removal of hair from the root, giving you a smooth facial surface for at least 15-30 days, the duration of your facial hair growing back also majorly depends on your growth type. 

Facial waxing is easier and can remove hair in bulk which is one of the reasons why only people opt for this, however, it also comes with a few side effects. 

Side Effects Of Facial Waxing 

As fun and easy facial waxing looks, it definitely comes with a few side effects, let us now get into all the side effects of face wax.

Can be painful 

Pain is an inevitable part of facial waxing. If you are into body waxing then you already know how painful it is when you pull the strip, now imagine that amount of pain on your face, if you have low pain tolerance then facial waxing is not for you. 

If you have sensitive skin, you may feel more pain than others, people with sensitive skin should be very careful when going ahead with facial waxing as it may cause rashes and burns to them.

May cause rashes

Skin rash is a very common side effect of facial waxing. Well, it is nothing to worry about, as it lasts for two to three days but if your rash stays for a longer time or gets severe with passing days then you must visit a doctor. 

May cause bumps

You may notice small bumps after facial waxing, these are common after-effects of the hair being plucked from the root. You can use aloe vera or a soothing cream on your face after facial waxing as that will tone down the bumps and rashes on your skin.

Can cause redness & inflammation

Redness is another common side effect of facial waxing that may be seen along with inflammation. It is important to refrain from any chemical-based cream or cleanser for a few days after facial waxing as your face is extremely sensitive and may react to the chemicals

Facial wax reacts to sensitivity

If you are often out and about and you have sunburn or deep tanning on your face, then that may make your face sensitive to wax. Avoid facial wax when you have a sunburn or tanning on your face as the wax will only further irritate the skin which will lead to rashes. 

May cause slight bleeding

Bleeding in certain areas of your face is commonly seen after facial wax, especially for beginners. People who have sensitive faces may notice bleeding in the first or second time of their facial wax, do not worry as it is a very common part of the process. 

May cause scarring

Generally, facial waxing does not cause scars. But in some cases when the wax is too hot or applied in a poor way it may leave a burn which will become a scar later on. Make sure you are getting it done by a professional only. 

Tips and Tricks for Facial Waxing 

After talking about all the side effects of facial waxing, if you are still intrigued to go ahead with this process then here are some tips and tricks that will come in handy. 

  • It is important to exfoliate your face a day before waxing . This will deeply cleanse your skin pores of all the dirt and pollutants. It would make the waxing process smoother.
  • Cleanse your face thoroughly with soothing face wash and apply face serum a night before your facial wax session. 
  • Keep a check on the wax temperature, if the wax is too hot then it might leave a burn on your face.

Take Away 

Facial waxing has become a huge deal among the younger generation, both facial waxing, threading or shaving have their own side effects. You need to make the choice for yourself. We hope that you liked the information we shared above, make sure you are only getting your face waxed by a professional and not doing it at home by yourself. 

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