What are the common causes of weight gain?

Tips to reduce weight

8 Problems Associated with Weight Gain

Obesity is widely prevalent amongst many developing countries, especially India. The problem of obesity is rising at an alarming rate and so are many other problems that are a result of obesity. Some of these problems include:

1) Lack of self-confidence: Most obese people are likely to have low self-esteem because they are unhappy with their bodies, and this makes it extremely hard for them to have a positive mindset.

2) Less sexual activity: Sex drive is generally lower amongst obese people. Many obese men find women less sexually attractive, and vice-versa.

3) More self-consciousness: Most obese people are likely to be more conscious about their weight and size in society, which ultimately leads to them feeling left out and alone.

4) Social isolation: Obesity can lead to social isolation as obese people tend to avoid social interactions because they are embarrassed by their own bodies.

5) Difficulty in finding the right outfits: For people with obesity, it is difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and make them feel good. Also, when people see them wearing something, they will think it is strange.

6) Adult problems: Obese adults have trouble fitting into seats in public transports and college classrooms. They also find it difficult to participate in physical workouts due to the limited training equipment, like large rubber balls that are not suitable for their body size.

7) Discrimination faced by obese people: People tend to discriminate against fat people and a lot of them suffer from low self-esteem because of this. Even though some people say obesity is a medical condition and it is not the fault of the obese person, discrimination is still prevalent in society.

8) Medical problems: The various problems faced by people who are overweight vary from person to person and maybe both physical and mental. The medical problems include a higher risk of osteoarthritis or joint pain, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid, breathing difficulties and even cancer. The mental problems include low self-esteem and depression.

In addition, obese people are more likely to get less attention from their spouses, parents and peers. This may further add to the problem of low self-esteem. They may even avoid social gatherings due to embarrassment. The increased risk or high chances of accidents are yet another problem faced by obese people.

Causes of Weight Gain

If you have been gaining weight in an uncontrolled manner, it is crucial that you figure out what is the primary cause of your problem. It would be wise to try and find out the exact cause of the issue. For instance, it could be that you are trying to lose fat without doing any exercise, or that you are not eating healthy food at all, or maybe that you are eating too much sugar.

Let’s see what causes weight gain and what you need to do about it.

Weight gain can be caused by a number of factors. The causes of weight gain that lead to being overweight include, but are not limited to an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity or excess consumption of certain food items.

We all love to eat fatty food, calorie-rich food and junk food. These food items are only good for occasional treats and not something one should consume too often because they have very little nutritional value. In fact, if you were to consume food like french fries or burgers every day then it would definitely lead to weight gain. The fact that these foods are rich in calories make them highly undesirable when one is on a diet. The key here is to understand what constitutes a healthy diet and what does not.

Making sure you are eating healthy is a good way to control weight gain. Eating healthy means consuming foods with the right calorie content and following a balanced diet. The ideal daily calorie intake for an average adult should be based on their age, sex, and physical fitness level.

Instead of eating three regular meals per day, try to eat five or six smaller meals. This will keep your metabolism going and provide your body with the required energy to function optimally. It will also help you control weight gain since you will not experience any large fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Also, when it comes to food content, avoid consuming fried dishes and food items such as cakes and pastries that contain artificial sweeteners. You should also limit the amount of caffeine you consume.

The cases of weight loss are mainly related to increased activity. If the calories that you consume are lesser than the calories that you expend, then your body will start losing weight. On the other hand, if you consume calories that are greater than what your body requires, your weight will increase.

So, How To Reduce Weight?

Weight loss is a common problem for the majority of people. Obesity can cause a lot of harm to not just the person but also to the loved ones around that person. Obesity is mainly caused due to unhealthy lifestyles or extra consumption of food. When the body gets accustomed to the extra calories, it tends to store them and this makes people gain weight.

If you are going through these circumstances, where weight gain has taken a serious toll on your mental, social and physical aspects of life, then you need to inculcate a saviour supplement to your everyday routine. Weight loss capsule contains apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, Garcinia Cambogia, guggul and L Carnitine. 

  • Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, pyruvic acid, lactic acids, malic acids, citric acids and other organic acids that play a major role in weight loss. These acids boost metabolism and help burn fats. It can also help maintain blood sugar levels that keep hunger at bay. It also regulates appetite, leading to reduced portion size. Apple Cider Vinegar is also highly rich in potassium and calcium. Potassium helps in discouraging excess fluid retention in the body.
  • Green tea is rich in catechins and caffeine which can help in burning calories effectively.
  • Garcinia Cambogia, a natural ingredient derived from the rinds of grapefruits, is another effective ingredient in weight loss capsules. It suppresses the appetite, increases metabolism and thus aids in weight loss.
  • L-Carnitine helps in improving endurance by reducing the accumulation of metabolic wastes during workouts and thus burning more fat becomes easy. 
  • Guggulsterone phosphate supplement can help you to morph into a fit and the healthy image is everyone’s desire. And in order to achieve this, you need to include weight loss capsules in your daily routine.

Take Away

Weight gain is a natural reaction to an unhealthy lifestyle we all lead. Our diet, exercise habits, and the kind of life we choose to live are what determines whether we gain weight or not. If we do not maintain a healthy weight then it can lead to several serious health problems as well. But due to various factors, we do not even have sufficient time to eat properly or exercise regularly. Therefore, weight loss capsules can help you in achieving your fitness goals without even compromising with your busy schedule.

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