What are the correct methods to clean penis?



The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body.

A penis is a combination of foreskin covering the glans penis. The actual penis muscles reside inside the foreskin.

The penis consists of a shaft that possesses muscles and nerves that compose all the work functions of the penis. This shaft is covered with a foreskin so that the flesh-forming shaft stays comfortable besides being sensitive.

The penis is such an important sensory organ in the body, the pain generated at the hurt of the penis is capable of killing the person.

The damage develops into common injuries that include fracture, avulsion, strangulation, entrapment, and amputation.

The penis is a sensitive part and is supposed to be maintained with utmost care. Any injury must be consulted with a doctor and taken care of. It is obvious in the matter of penis, prevention is much much better than cure.

Thus, a male must stay conscious about his penis and maintain rules while handling it for various purposes like sexual activities, urination, and cleaning purposes.

Is it necessary to clean penis?

If we take note of that mentioned above here, under the definition of the penis or penile body, we can easily understand that penis is a sensitive object and one must take care with utmost involvement.

The penis is a private part unexposed to a normal air atmosphere. It is settled right at the joint intersection of limbs to the trunk of the body which is the most enclosed body particle in the whole body system. Upon this, an undergarment is supposed to be worn to gently displace the penis. Over the underwear, thick or thin, mostly thick jeans or a pant or a trouser is preferred to put on. 

The skin in and around the genital area is case sensitive to infections and it prolongs for a lifetime if proper care is not taken.

If the penis is not cleaned after sexual intercourse, there could be chances for sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Ways to clean penis

Cleaning the penis is one of the serious subjects in the matter of body and body parts for the penis is the most sensitive and the one and only reproductive organ.

There are curved penises, curved upward penis, curved downward penis, V-shaped penis, bent penises, straight penises, upper penises, lower penises, large base with a narrow head, narrow base with a larger head, etc.

Each shaped penis has its unique way out and settlement. One must handle the penis according to its shape and skin texture.

Gently wash the penis with warm water each day during a shower or bath. If one possesses foreskin, pull it back gently and wash underneath. If one doesn't wash underneath the foreskin correctly, a cheesy-looking substance called smegma may begin to gather.


Smegma or preputial sebum is a natural lubricant that is found around the head of the penis and under the foreskin. Smegma is a combined mixture of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both male and female mammalian genitals. When it builds up, it begins to look like a white, cheesy substance. For the same reason, it is also called penis cheese or dick cheese.

In layman terms, smegma is a foul-smelling cheesy white or yellow substance produced under the foreskin at the glans of the penis or around the clitoris and labia minora. 

Smegma is most seen in the uncircumcised penis. If smegma becomes infected, inflammation may occur, manifested by swelling, redness, and painfulness of the penis.

Men with smegma have an increased risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer.

Smegma is secreted by sebaceous glands beneath the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis.

The glans penis is to be cleaned after masturbation. If not, the semen would stick on the glans penis and develop into smegma.

What is the best way to avoid smegma?

To avoid smegma, a penis is better to be circumcised.

There are two types of circumcision. They are childhood circumcision and adult circumcision.

Childhood circumcision is an action taken right after being born whereas adult circumcision is something in an attempt to protect the penis from various misalignments.

The circumcised penis would have no foreskin thereby leaving no chance to garner smegma-like dirt on the penis glans.

Take Away 

If the penis has foreseen infections or facing direct injuries, cleaning is the first most mandated and it is put in the hands of a doctor.

To maintain a clean penis, always practice safe sex like using a condom to simply avoid infections or diseases like STDs.

One can enjoy the penis cleaning process by putting different methods of cleaning it. 

One could put his penis in a bowl of water and remain calm for half an hour if the smegma persists on the glans.

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