What Do You Mean By Low Fertility Count?

Low Fertility Count


The incapability born or developed in a reproductive system to produce offspring is called infertility. This incapability can be subject to both male and female reproductive systems.

Infertility can be or cannot be curable depending on how it is molded in a person. Curable infertility can be treated with certain medications whereas incurable fertility is left unremoved paying attention to overall body health. The person affected with incurable infertility would look for available alternatives like sperm donation or surrogacy to reproduce.

In the estimated failed fertility rate, the men are the reason for most percentage causing infertility in a couple. 

Low fertility count

If the fertilizers of the two genders, namely sperm, and ovaries, are reduced in the count, there would be a reduced probability of two fertilizers engaging one another and initiating the byproduct. This phenomenon is called a low fertility count.

A low sperm count is fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen or fewer than 39 million per ejaculation, from the male side of fertility.

Premature low egg count and poor ovarian response (POR) showcases a deduction in the quantity or number of oocytes and are a cause of infertility, from the women's side of fertility.

Semen could be less dense with the presence of less number of sperm in it. Low-quality semen is a subject of a low fertility count. Low sperm semen possesses less viscosity resulting in its inability to engage connected to open the ovary eggs. The low fertility count makes the semen go faster and diluted inside the vaginal cavity that it almost becomes like urine-like fluidity, losing access to succumb to female fertilizers.

However, a low fertility count does not mean infertility but contains various lags and deficiencies. For suppose, low sperm semen cannot guarantee a healthy by-product.

Reproduction needs two people's stable fertility who are engaging in sexual intercourse in the expectation of a by-product. Anyone 's low fertility count could lead to infertility.

Causes of low fertility count in men

There are various factors and causes that bring low fertility count conditions in men right from their lifestyle to food supplements, and metabolism to hormonal discharges. Smoking, drinking, substances, lack of peace of mind, insomnia, etc are all a cause of low fertility count.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability of men to raise their penis in response to their sexual urge is called Erectile Dysfunction. The inability of men to maintain the erected penis standstill throughout sexual intercourse is called Erectile Dysfunction. The impotent behavior in male sexual orientation is called Erectile Dysfunction. This impotence is a subject of failure in men due to depression, seriousness, hormonal dysfunction, genetic disorders, accidents, habits, contemporary conditions, etc. which is observed more in the modern-day generation.

The erectile penis only could send semen into the vagina. The enlarged erectile penis only could make sense on either side. The penis which is unable to erect or ejaculate is subjected to one of the factors of infertility. 

Abnormal Sperm production

Sperm production Is the content of the whole male reproductive system. Due to various conditions observed internally and outwardly, few men are conditioned to abnormal sperm production. The abnormality would lead to infertility. 

There are three types of abnormal sperm production varying with how different the sperm count is. They are, 


The complete absence of sperm cells in the ejaculated orgasm is called semen in men. This could be due to a complete disorder of testosterone or duct glands.


This condition leads to watery semen. That is, the semen content has less sperm. The fluid of semen is so liquid where it is supposed to be semi-liquid. 


The thick semen ejected through a penile erection is called Teratospermia. The thickness of semen is more than required with a high proportion of sperm resulting in an abnormal shape.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a typical condition when semen enters the bladder instead of coming out through the penis during orgasm. This leads to no outcome to less amount of semen ejaculation leading to Infertility. 

Testicular cancer 

Testicular cancer, also called malignant neoplasm of the testis, causes lumps in the scrotum and leads to testes hormone dysfunction. The cancer cells developed in and around male genitals hesitate to function leading to Infertility and urinary problems.

Hodgkin's disease

Deactivating the immune system to function in any body role is separate cancer called Hodgkin's disease. This decreases the ability to fight infections in the body. Sexual transmission infections under Hodgkin's diseases will lead to death. 

Sperm blockage ejaculatory duct block

The ejaculatory duct in the genital organ of the male reproductive system is sometimes blocked due to various Sexually Transmitted Infections or inflammation leading to no way to semen come out or low sperm count in the resulting semen. 

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