What Does Beard Oil Do And How Are They All Different?

Beard Oil and Its Types

Beard Oil and Its Types

If you are serious about keeping an attractive and healthy beard, then by far the most important tool in your beard grooming kit should be beard oil. It’s considered a game-changer that helps in transforming your beard from a mass of facial hair to something that people can admire.

So, what does beard oil do? Beard oil works just like a conditioner and it is used to soften and moisturize your beard hair and the skin beneath it.

Men usually use beard oil to make their beards appear more tamer, softer, and fuller, They even use it to spur beard growth. In this article, we are going to discuss beard oil and several things related to it. 

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a moisturizing and moisture-trapping oil that males can apply to their beard. These oils consist of various softening carrier oils, helpful softening ingredients and wonderful scents so that you can smell fresh all day.

There exists a beard oil for every beard owner. Natural beard oil is recommended for sensitive skin so that you can avoid any unnecessary irritation. You can think of it like any other kind of skin, hair, or body care.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

There are a few things that you can expect to see once you start using good beard oil.

  • Healthier Skin And Hair

If you do not have a moisturizing beard wash, you are probably going to use regular soap or shampoo to wash your beard, which can make your skin dry and brittle hair. Top-notch beard oils can remedy dry skin after just one application.

  • Relieves Beard Itch

One of the biggest advantages which a man could get from applying beard oil is its ability to eliminate dry skin and the dreaded beard itch.

If you are the one who constantly scratches your scruff and feels like you can’t stop, you need to apply a dab of beard oil to your beard every day after you shower. It will relieve you from the irritation and inflammation-causing you to itch your beard.

  • Promotes Beard Growth

While beard oil isn’t the best product for your hair growth, many product manufacturers have seen the potential and started adding hair growth ingredients to their formulas. Beard oil somehow facilitates your beard oil and provides daily nourishment.

Beard growth oils contain many ingredients such as coconut oil and argan oil, along with saw palmetto and biotin that are good for beard growth.

For example, some beard oil formulas might contain saw palmetto oil and biotin, both of which naturally promote healthier beard follicles and hair growth of your beard.

  • Has Natural Scents

When essential oils are coupled with sandalwood, cedar, or pine scents, you get a natural cologne that is so light and airy that you won’t need to apply men’s cologne.

Beard oil is the perfect blend of healing ingredients and natural scents. However, there are many unscented beard oils as well.

  • Beard Oil And Sensitive Skin

Most guys who have normal skin won’t have an issue with beard oil. However, for those whose skin overproduces sebaceous glands, oily skin, or acne-prone skin, beard products might contain certain ingredients that might exacerbate skin issues.

Types of Beard Oil

While all of these beard oils work excellently for your beard and skin beneath, where and how these oils are grown impacts their quality.   

How any oil is extracted matters. Most of the beard oils are extracted in one of two ways:

  • Cold-pressed:

Any oil which is obtained by pressing the fruit or seeds in a steel press is considered “cold-pressed” oil. It is a situation when the seeds are not roasted before pressing. Cold-pressed oils maintain their natural antioxidants and vitamins.     
    • Solvent Extraction:

    The oil-producing material is kept in a solvent and with a series of chemical reactions and refinement, the oil is finally extracted. Solvent extraction tends to yield more oil than cold pressing methods and at a cheaper price. However, this process can strip the oils of their natural antioxidants and vitamins. Oils that are produced by this method can also contain potentially harmful solvent residue.   

      Beard oils that are containing cold-pressed oils tend to be more expensive given the higher cost of the raw ingredients used in it.

      Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

      Some beard oils are also high in fragrance and many beard oil companies use the one beard oil, multiple fragrance model. They produce one "beard oil" and then add different fragrances to the base oil resulting in a variety of products to sell. You should be aware of this

      How does Beard Oil work?

      This beard oil acts as a moisturizer for your facial hair and the skin beneath it.

      When they are applied it goes right into your hair follicle, which softens your hair and prevents it from growing brittle and scraggly. It also helps in coating your skin with a protective coat of oils which prevents moisture evaporation keeping your skin smooth and flexible thus preventing flaking.

      How Should People Apply Beard Oil?

      Firstly, it is just oil after all. So the entire process of applying a beard is going to be relatively simple. When you are two months into growing your beard, it is the best time to apply it. In the beginning, you need to pour out this beard oil and then take it on the palm. However, you need to care to pour a really small amount of it.

      After this, you are supposed to rub the hands together. The rubbing process is necessary to ensure that the oil is evenly distributed between your hands. So, in such a case your face will get an equal amount of beard oil when you apply it.

      When you are done rubbing your hands with beard oil, you should apply it at the base of the hair follicle. The best way to apply this is to gently massage them with the fingertips. While you are doing it, you should also rub the beard to the end of your follicles.

      While you are applying the beard oil, you need to reach the base of the beard because then you will be able to let your skin receive important nutrients. You can also use a beard brush to distribute the beard oil evenly across the face by using a beard brush.

      Take Away

      Beard oil is good for your beard but you must be aware that it does not cause any side effects. If they do, then you must stop using it immediately. An alternative to beard oil is minoxidil. Mars by GHC Beard growth serum is an additional quality treatment used to help grow beard hair and care for it. It reactivates beard hair follicles to invigorate growth and is clinically proven for beard regrowth.


      • Wash your eyes immediately with water in case of contact with the product.
      • It takes time for hair to regrow. Most people need to use it regularly for 4 months to see benefits. It must be used continuously to maintain hair growth.
      • FDA approved. No harmful chemicals. Paraben, sulphate, and SLS free.
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