What is beard wax & How it is different from beard shampoo?

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How To Maintain Healthy Beard? Know The Difference Between Using Beard Wax And Beard Shampoo

Beard is the latest trend that's going on everywhere around the world with all men. Well, men are not only conscious about their hair but also their beard too. 

Among all products of beard, beard wax is an essential grooming product which keeps your desired facial hair in perfect shape and the right place. Of course, what is the use of growing a beard if you are not styling it the way you want to? However, beard wax is not only used for styling your beard but also to keep it strong and healthy.

Keep on reading to know what is beard wax and how to apply it to your beard for its healthy growth.

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What Is Beard Wax?

Beard wax is a special type of wax that helps to protect your beard from harsh weather conditions. It is made with all-natural ingredients like shea nut butter, coconut oil, beeswax and scented oils. The main benefit of beard wax is it will help you avoid worrying about unkempt hair or one that is trying to get it into your mouth when you are eating. 

Beard wax is not like other beard products and is not meant to have any nourishing effect on your facial hair. The first and foremost purpose of beard wax is to temporarily set and harden your facial hair in the desired position. 

There are many varieties of beard wax in the market which include organic, soy-free, vegan, petrochemical free and many others. Choose the one that suits your facial hair and for instance, use organic wax that not only gives you sage hold but also penetrates the hair by strengthening your hair follicles over time. Let's see how to apply or use beard wax on your facial hair.

How To Apply Beard Wax?

Even though beard wax is not a complicated product to use, here are some do’s and don'ts you should follow while using this product. You must care for the skin behind your beard if you want it to appear healthy. Acne, beard dandruff, and itching may all be avoided with proper skin care.

  • Never apply beard wax on a dirty beard. Because dirt and dust accumulate in your whiskers and it's even riskier for longer beards. It's never an easy task to style a dirty beard in addition the wax will trap the dirt within your whiskers.
  • Never use hair shampoo for your beard as they contain harmful chemicals and are meant to remove natural oils from your hair and give them a greasy appearance. 
  • Whereas, beard shampoos do not contain any chemicals because the natural oils produced by your skin keep whiskers moisturized and well nourished.
  • After shampooing your beard and rinsing it with warm water, allow it to dry completely before applying the wax.
  • Use a soft towel to dry your beard and if you want to use a blower, use it on a medium heat setting and take breaks during the process.
  • Then comb your beard to untangle it to make it more manageable and to provide a better surface for your beard wax.

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Beard Wax preparation

  • Soften the wax before you apply it to your beard because the fatty acids present in wax solidify at room temperature and become less pliable.
  • The best way to soften your wax is to expose the bottom of the container to boiling water for a few minutes.
  • You can also run hot water over the container to soften it further. Heating or softening the wax will make it easy for it to apply. 
  • Applying the wax before you soften it can leave residue and flakes of wax in your whiskers.

Applying Wax:

Once you are done preparing your wax, here's how to apply it:

  • Use your finger to scoop a small amount of wax and run it between your thumb and forefinger to soften it further. You can also soften the wax in your palm until it's soft to the point of liquifying.
  • Begin applying wax on both sides of your beard and remember to not apply too much as it results in leaving flakes and residue behind.
  • Take your time to apply wax perfectly on your beard and always apply it in small quantities then massage it evenly throughout your whiskers.
  • Do not apply wax down to the skin, save it for beard oils and conditioners that moisturize the beard and skin underneath it.
  • You can also use a beard comb to distribute the wax throughout your beard. A comb makes it easier to spread the wax evenly and the perfect shape you prefer.
  • Repeat the process until you cover the entire beard and don't forget to add a small amount of wax to the front of your beard as well. Use a comb to style up the beard in the way and direction you want.
  • Allow the wax to dry up a little bit before you step outside. Don't worry if you apply it too much, you can easily remove it using a towel or a clean piece of cloth.

How To Remove Beard Wax?

You must remove beard wax at the end of the day to prevent build-up, blocking pores and unnecessarily weighing down your beard.

Many men use soap to remove beard wax, but it's not the best option to do so. Because almost all soaps contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that damage your facial hair and hot water can dry out your beard, so, avoid using shampoos or soaps that you use on your scalp.

How beard wax is different from beard shampoo?

Beard wax is a styling product used to set a beard in a set style. It helps you hold your beard or moustache. While beard shampoo is just a shampoo used to wash your beard, remove dandruff, or keep it clean.

Use Beard Shampoos And Conditioners:

Remove beard wax by using beard shampoos or washes. Unlike regular hair shampoos, beard shampoos don't contain any harsh chemicals and ingredients that strip your facial skin of its natural oil. Because the oil produced by your skin is vital for healthy looking.

How You Should Wash Your Beard Using Beard Shampoos/Washes?

Take a small amount of beard wash or shampoo in your hand and apply it to your beard. Spread it evenly so that it covers all your follicles. You can also use a beard conditioner to remove beard wax.

Allow the shampoo or wash to sink in your beard for a few minutes so that it binds to the wax which you want to remove. Then, comb your beard using a quality beard comb to get rid of excess wax and shampoo.

Finally, rinse your beard with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel or just allow it to dry on its own.

Simple Beard Wax Recipe:

Standard beard wax recipes have the same ingredients as beard balms like natural carrier oils, butter and wax. The only difference is that it contains a huge amount of beeswax or a fair amount of butter like shea or cocoa butter as well as some carrier oils like almond oil or walnut oil.

You Need:

  • 2-3 ounces of wax
  • 1 ounce of butter
  • 1 ounce of carrier oil or any scented oils

However, the proportions might vary depending on whether you want to make it harder or softer. Alternatively, you can also add beeswax to your beard balm and turn it into beeswax.

Get an organic beard wax for your beard which not only makes it look good but also makes you feel good with the stylish beard.

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Take Away

The essentials of beard grooming are beard wax and beard shampoo. Both feed, moisturise, and condition the beards while having distinct purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use moustache wax on my beard? 

You definitely can. But make sure the wax is created naturally and doesn't include parabens or mineral oil.

2. Is Beard balm or wax better? 

Beard balm offers additional moisturising and health advantages while offering less hold than wax. On the other side, beard wax is a specialty styling tool that offers a solid grip but few health advantages.

3. Do I need beard oil or wax?

Beard/mustache wax, in contrast to balm or oil, is more for style than for nurturing your beard. When you want to define a beard form, manage troublesome hairs, or add texture to your beard, use wax.


  2. Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Wax
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