What Is Kama Sutra: What Are Top Kama Sutra Positions?

Kama Sutra Positions

Top Kama Sutra Positions

Kamasutra is an erotic form of lovemaking that is derived from India, we have nearly very little knowledge of the author of the book. Kamasutra has gained a lot of popularity all around the world, it has positions that incorporate a sexual treasure for both the man and women. 

Well, before we dig any deeper into Kamasutra it is not only a book about lovemaking and positions, it also contemplates important topics about love, our bodies, our partner, and nature. You need to be able to understand the vitality of the book to actually benefit from it. 

Kamasutra blew up when British explorer Richard Francis Burton adapted the book; it got famous for its lovemaking positions. However, the adaption was incorrect in various terms. It is more than the lovemaking positions but sadly today we only know Kamasutra for them. 


Kamasutra was originally written in ancient Sanskrit, it is made up of 1,250 verses that are split into 36 chapters. The overall book is separated into 7 different parts which are:

  • Dattaka:

The introduction of Kamasutra defines the four aims of Hindu life, the book begins with the introduction of fundamental ways to live a happy life with dignity and knowledge. 
  • Suvarnanabha:

This is the second part of the book which goes straight to lovemaking. It consists of 64 positions that will be pleasurable to you and your partner. 
  • Ghotakamukha:

This part of the book talks about family life and courting a wife. It talks about social caste, astrology and everything that plays an important role in defining or choosing your partner. 
  • Gonardiya:

This part talks about gender roles, now this book belongs to the 3rd century. The outlook of the world has been very different ever since. 
  • Gonikapurta:

This part of the book talks about non-sexual relationships, friends and family life. The emotional bond between friends. 
  • Charayana:

This part of the book talks about prostitutes and the life of a bachelor before a wife. Sexual exploration of every man is different and it talks about being committed to your partner.
  • Kuchumara:

The book ends with occult practices and talks about self-grooming tips, the use of aroma oils, medicines for sexual problems, etc.


    Kamasutra positions are not all fun and games they do require physical strength and flexibility. However, Kamasutra has many positions that can be tried easily. Let us talk about some of the top Kamasutra positions that you and your partner need to try. 

    1. The Tigress 

    This position is also called the reverse cowgirl. One partner lies down on their back and the other partner is on the top facing the feet of their partner. The partner on top is in control and this position is equally pleasurable for both men and women.

    2. The Milk And Water Embrace 

    This position requires a chair. One partner can sit on the chair and the other one on top you can either face your partner or face the opposite side it is your choice. 

    3. Queen Of Heaven 

    With one partner on their back with knees bent and the other partner on top of them with positioning their thighs on the outside and thrusting in. This position is great for mutual satisfaction.

    4. Splitting The Bamboo 

    One person stretches out flat and shifts their weight to one side, then raises a leg up and rests it on their partner’s shoulder. Their other leg remains stretched out underneath their partner. This is one of the best positions that you must try with your partner. 

    5. The Padlock 

    One partner sits on a firm surface like a table and reclines back slightly. The other partner leans in, lifting the other person’s pelvis up, the seated person then can clasp their feet together behind the standing partner’s back. 

    Kamasutra also talks about medicines that can treat people who have issues with the performance. 

    Take Away 

    Kamasutra is much more than lovemaking; it gives you an understanding of how Hindus were meant to live a successful life. We hope these Kamasutra positions will be of help to you and your partner; there are many more available online. 

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