What is long last spray and what are its benefits?

Long last spray

Long last spray and Its benefits

People who deal with premature ejaculation are recommended lidocaine sprays which helps in delaying the ejaculation. Men who deal with premature ejaculation can not hold their erection for a longer time and due to that they ejaculate within minutes this can put a strain on your relationship. 

Long last sprays are like anaesthesia for your penis that helps in relaxing the tissue. It comes in either spray foam or cream form, however, many people do prefer a spray as it is more convenient and efficient. Long-lasting sprays help in controlling the sensitivity of the tissue, which may result in longer than usual erections. 

Long-lasting sprays have helped many people in improving their performance while it does not have any side effects upfront but it may cause issues in the future if you are an avid user. 


Using Lidocaine spray is very easy, all you need to do is apply it on your penis 10-15 minutes before the performance and spread in a circular motion until it gets absorbed completely. Do not apply extra go slow with the spray, start by using one at a time if you need more than you can use more spray. 

All men are different, you might not reach your desired sensitivity by just one spray so practice and see how much you need. After performance make sure you wipe off the spray with water or you can take a quick shower to make sure there is no spray left on your penis. 

Lidocaine usually takes 15 minutes to kick in so use it 15 minutes before your performance. 

We asked people who have used long-lasting sprays and creams to choose what works best and everyone voted for sprays as they work within 10-15 minutes of their application, whereas the cream may take 30 minutes or more to work. Long-lasting creams can get messy and unmanageable, however, sprays are easy to work with. 


While many people who have been using long-lasting spray have said that it is safe to use and does not alter into any damage, we have a few points that you must keep in mind when opting for a long-lasting spray. 

  • Temporary loss of sensitivity, that can cause difficulty in forming an erection.
  • Skin irritation and burning sensation are commonly seen in people who use Lidocaine spray
  • Excessive numbness if you use excessive amounts.
  • Effects can last up to a few hours

While there are no severe side effects to a long-lasting spray there are many alternative options available in the market these days that can be worth a shot. 


Here are some of the products that are being widely used and appreciated to delay ejaculation, you can try out some and choose what works for you. 


Lubricants are not new addictions, however, people have started using them researching the benefits of them recently. Lubricants can not give you the same benefit as a long-lasting spray but it does a great job at controlling your ejaculation. Lubricants are thick in consistency and they can help you in reducing the friction between you and your partner, which would mean less stimulation and more control. 

Long-lasting condoms 

Companies are now trying to alter their production of condoms and incorporate more products that would help people with all kinds of needs. A new addition to these are the long-lasting condoms, the lubricant in the condoms helps in decreasing sensation, these are thicker and can help you reach extended pleasure. These condoms contain 5% of Benzocaine which is a local anaesthesia that can help lower the sensation in your penis. However, one drawback to these can be the aftermath itching, and irritation that can be unbearable for some. 

If you do not want to use either of the products and want to switch to something entirely herbal then we got you. We have the best herbal medicine ashwagandha for you that will help you in reinventing your relationship. 


Take Away 

While there are many products available in the market to delay your ejaculation, choose what works best for you. If a long-lasting spray works for you then you should go ahead with that. All products work well. You should give them a try and decide for yourself. 

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