What Is Numb Penis?

Numb Penis

Numb Penis

The loss of sensitivity in the penile enhancement or enlargement or erection is basically called a numb penis. When a person is subjected to losing some or all of the feeling in their penis, that no sense of feeling is called numbness. This numbness is common to occur in different parts of the body. 

Numbness generally takes place when the blood which is supposed to be circulated does not circulate to the point it should reach at the end of the body part, the muscles or nerves stimulated through that body part become adjusting to low blood flow, low blood pressure, and low oxygen levels, which on further prolongation, subjected to no blood flow, no blood pressure, and no oxygen level. This period of movement in the sensory body part is subjected to a separate kind of feeling that enhances solid fixation of the muscles that would more feel like cramps, and the body-mind cannot sense the feeling in that particular body part. 

Reasons that make your body feel numb

1) There are numerous reasons that make your body feel numb, including medication side effects, bad habits, paralysis, diabetes, hormone imbalance, and even some medical conditions.

2) Most of the numbness in the body occurs in the tangling body parts like hands, fingers, palms, feet, legs, etc. As penis, too, is a tangling object settled at the center of the body, sometimes tends to feel numb due to various conditions and factors.

3) If the numbness is occurring due to a particular body misplacement, one need not worry about the cause and effect and simply relieve it through urination, masturbation, and sexual activity or simply leave the penis to come back to senses. However, one who experiences numbness in the penis glands for no reason for a prolonged time and is systematized to experience it with getting back to senses or the feel of touch must need an immediate medical diagnosis and treatment to setback to the normal penis. 

4) Penis numbness could occur temporarily when a person sits in a certain position for a long time. The permanent or long-term penis numbness results from low testosterone levels, another health issue, or an injury.

The penis is normally a sensitive organ. Sometimes, there are chances for the penis to become numb. That means you can no longer feel a normal sensation when it’s touched. If you don’t treat the cause of penile numbness, it could start to affect your sex life.

If you’re experiencing penile numbness, you may feel nothing or you may feel as if your penis is asleep. Depending on the cause, you might also experience other symptoms and sensations, such as bluish skin, burning feeling, cold feeling, pins and needles feeling, tingling feeling, etc.

The male body possesses more than 4000 nerves to cross linked to the penile body that stimulate all the exerted feelings or senses that occur in the penis, either external touches or internal reactions, directly to the brain within a gasp of time. The irregularities captured upon a few or all of these nerves could indicate no sensations in the penis. This malfunction is due to penis numbness. 

Penis Numbness during sex

There are a lot of cases penis going numb right after the sexual intercourse or sperm ejection during the sexual intercourse. This is quite a common thing due to various positions inclined to penile body during sex. There are various factors that can define penis numbness after sex. Penis is the one and only external object that hangs out of the body shape, naturally.

Penis is one percent of the whole body size. This small size object when inserted in the vagina which is also a small size of the opposite gender whole body size, any action coordinated between these two body parts could access extreme nerve stimulus and body tension. For the same reason, genitals are the most sensitive part of the whole body. This sensitive body part on foreplay during sex involves the force exhibition equal to two body weights for the sexual course of time. 

The nerves passing through the penile body are generally free and tangling thereby inducing blood circulation in a simple way. However, when penis is enlarged and inserted in the vagina, that too for a long period of time, the nerves become struck to the tight hole vagina that the nervous system passing between brain and penis may struggle to still feel the senses objected in penis right after extreme enforce exhibited at the climax of the sex called orgasm.

The extreme pleasure exhibition through almost all 4000 nerves at a time is a solid punch to the brain that it needs at least some time to get back to conscious feeling overall. The abnormal blood flow happens right after sex that, without blood circulation, too, the penis goes numb.

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