What should I do if the condom breaks?



A condom is a flexible sleeve made of latex, a kind of rubber, or other impermeable material such as sheepskin, worn over an er-ect genital during intercourse as a contraceptive or as a way to prevent the spread of STDs. Condom is the best way to guarantee avoidance of pregnancy from lovemaking intercourse between a male and a female human being.

In layman terms, a condom is a rubber-like thin coated substance worn onto an er-ected genital to collect out semen into the balloon-like substance instead of going into the genital cavity. Condoms have elastic behavior and could stretch to fit different genital sizes.

There are two advantages of wearing a condom during lovemaking intercourse. Safe lovemaking is the primary theme of condoms. Preventing unwanted pregnancy is the secondary goal.

Condom is the only type of contraception to prevent most STIs and unwanted pregnancies. This is available for both men and women. Male condoms are worn on the er-ected genital which acts as a barrier from lovemaking fluids during lovemaking. Female condoms are worn right before lovemaking. It can be worn in the genital to stop semen or other fluids from entering. 

It is recommended to protect yourself and your partner by using condoms during genital lovemaking, oral lovemaking, or an-al lovemaking.

How to use a condom?

The tightness or firmness generated upon wearing a condom holds the genital standing still for a long time. This keeps the er-ected genital stay er-ect for a longer time. This forces men to stay longer during intercourse.

The use of condoms, right from opening the cover of the condom packet, to wearing on genital, to using it during lovemaking intercourse, is all fun in front of a lovemaking partner. The use of condoms additionally provided enhanced sensation and increased pleasure.

One can satisfy their lovemaking passions with the presence of a condom. Not everyone is satisfied with a single lovemaking partner. The unsatisfied personalities look for multiple lovemaking partners. The use of a condom would support them in providing safe lovemaking and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

To reduce discomfort on condom wear as it covers the genital tip and shaft and captures climax that's released during orgasm, it is a little bizarre and benevolent to perfectly stick condom elastic onto genital skin. The foldings of condoms on the genital could cause pain or irritation during the lovemaking intercourse of the genitals.

Can a condom break?

lovemaking is a great force between two persons. There would generate a lot of friction between two genitals which are already temperature oriented. This friction, temperature, and force between two genitals can wear and tear the skin layers attached to genital outer structures, namely the foreskin. 

The whole misalignments, force, and friction caused due to lovemaking intercourse could sometimes affect the condom texture resulting in a hole or breakage in the condom material. 

What to do if a condom breaks during Lovemaking intercourse?

Stop the action immediately

Most of the cases of condom breakage could be identified immediately after its breakage. Of course, one can sense the difference between lovemaking intercourse with the presence of a condom and lovemaking intercourse without the presence of a condom.

Do not make a scene

Do not blame each other for the breakage in a condom for it is not one's responsibility during lovemaking intercourse.

Do not get irritated with each other or the broken condom that could seriously disrupt the lovemaking mood and behavior with oneself and each other.

Go to the bathroom

As a condom is a part and piece of a male's genitals, the man has to go to the bathroom immediately and clean off the genital space without freaking out or irritation.

If the semen is already out by the time of condom breakage and spilled into the genital of the woman, she is the first person to go into the bathroom and get cleaned thereby freeing the mind from the fear of pregnancy and se-xually transmitted diseases.

Go for Contraception

The use of a device or procedure to prevent conception(usually pregnancy) as a result of lovemaking activity.

The need for contraception emerges when a couple gets involved in unprotected intercourse.

The doubt of pregnancy would lead the female personality to go take a contraceptive method to curb the chances of getting pregnant.

There are almost all 15 methods of contraception. Let's look into various methods of contraception.

Caps, combined tabs, female condoms, male condoms, contraceptive tabs, contraceptive implant, contraceptive injection, contraceptive patch, diaphragms, intrauterine device (IUD), intrauterine system (IUS), natural family planning, progestogen-only tabs, and genital ring.

The contraceptive tabs are known to be worked out as hormonal contraception. The main contempt of contraceptive tabs is to induce estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body that would divert the body from making further pregnancy developments.

Take Away 

To avoid such circumstances, better be conscious before the lovemaking intercourse. The lovemaking partners could be crystal clear about the condom quality and figure out if there's a chance of breakage during the lovemaking intercourse.

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